Welcome to My Soul To Keep, an advanced literate original supernatural roleplay. Please be sure to carefully read ALL of the rules and register your character FIRST M. LAST (in all caps)
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Portland, OR
No doubt you have been able to sense it. Maybe you don't quite know why you're here, but there's something different about this city. An ancient art is returning to this modern world: magic. Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.
Welcome to My Soul to Keep.
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Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.
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My Soul To Keep

In addition to the site information, we have also put together various questions that may arise pertaining the site plot/setting, the canons, and amongst other things. If you still have any more questions, you may consider posting in the Suggestions thread, which can be found HERE.


I didn't register my username as FIRST M. LAST and it's not letting me submit a name change?!

Jcink counts a name as the "same" regardless of the capitalization. We as admins are aware of that and however, that is not anything that we can change. What you should do is submit two name changes - first a dummy name change, and then to the original name you had in the requested format.

What is the site plot/setting?

My Soul to Keep's general site plot can be found HERE. Basically, most humans are unaware of the fact that supernatural creatures exist in their world. There are hunters who are aware, but other than that, generally speaking, humans don't know anything about those that share the city with them. This site also takes place mainly in Portland, Oregon, USA, and the current timeline is the same as our own real world timeline. It is currently February, 2017.

Then, we also have our own sub-plots for various species to make things far more interesting, with more to come!!!

What about other supernatural creatures that aren't already on the species list?

If you have a character idea on an unknown species that hasn't been displayed already on our species list, the chances are, you may not be allowed to use a particular species, simply because it would make things too confusing. But just talk to an admin first though, and we might make an exception if it goes well with our site. Unclassified species will most likely end up in the Other category.

What about magic?

We have full, exhaustive list detailing all the information about the various types of magic/abilities that characters can have on the site HERE. We also have a MAGICS CLAIM as well, so that people do not make too many characters of the same power. We can't have everyone running around with telekinesis or whatever. It's simply chaotic and unfair to others as well. There are also certain abilities that require admin approval as we don't want characters to be simply overpowered. There are restrictions, after all, to a lot of things. so if you have a power that isn't displayed on the magic list, you are going to need to talk to an admin first about it and we'll consider allowing it or not. But generally, the magics will be mostly limited to what you already see on the magic info. Exceptions may be made, however.


What are the Spellcasters? Are there witch covens? Spellcasters are witches, and on our site, there are 3 major Spellcaster Covens: The High Coven, the Atier Coven, and the Maksim Cabal.

The High Coven is a council of very powerful and experienced Spellcasters who police the other witches. They ensure things in the Spellcaster community run smoothly, and they also enforce rules that the other witches must follow to keep things in order. Some members of the High Coven are known be ruthless, but others can also be more forgiving and lenient. The High Coven have their own base of operations located right HERE, in the heart of Portland's downtown.

The second coven, Atier Coven, is a major Spellcaster coven known for being traditionally made up of women. However, there is a male member that is a part of the coven. Historically they have been known as one of the good aligned Spellcaster Covens.

Lastly, the Maksim Cabal is another well-known coven, although it's more of the darker side of magic. There have been whispers that the Maksim family uses dark magic, but they have been careful about monitoring their own actions so as to not bring the High Coven down on them.

At this time, we are not currently accepting other covens, however, as the site grows, this will likely change. If you want to make your own spellcaster coven, you'll need to talk to our admins about it, and make a good case for it. Otherwise, we're not going to have members make a bunch of covens and then just not be active in it. As for now Spellcasters fall into either coven, or are rogue witches.


What's the deal with the Archangels? We have a certain species called the ANGELS AND FALLEN, and both of these include the ARCHANGELS. So what's the deal with the Archangels, eh? Well to begin with, they are all Angels of Presence, meaning these seven (Izrael, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Azrael and Uriel) are the only angels that have ever seen the Face of God. All other angels receive instruction from Him, but have not gazed upon Him. The archangels also were the ones commanding other heavenly legions. They have larger wings than other angels. They were the first created, and though older than other angels and very powerful, they are subject to the same weaknesses as their kind. Also keep in mind, that Michael is NOT the most powerful archangel. All the archangels have the same level of power. Izrael was the first created, and the other 6–Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Azrael, Uriel and Lucifer– possess equal power.


How do Demon ranks work?

Here at MSTK, we have a ranking system for demons, and certain powers and privileges come with those ranks. The 1st Tier demons were all created by Lucifer himself. They are the closest to the seat of power in Hell, and the power that comes with it. This includes our canon demons (Lilith, Abaddon, Astorath, Paimon, Sonneillon, Leviathan). This is our most limited group of demons, limited only to our canons. They are the demons in power, the arch dukes, barons and generals of Hell, and reserved for our canons. We also have 2nd and 3rd Tier demons, which are slightly lower on the rung. The second tier also includes some of our canon demons (Jezebeth, Mammon, Hekate, Belial, Elpidus). The third tier demons are our original demons, varied in their demonic glory.

Can vampires have covens?

Yes, we have two major vampire Seethes on the site here. Some hunters like to call them "nests," but they're generally known as Seethes here. Vampires can be lone, not affiliated with any of the canonical covens, but do keep in mind that they will be monitored by the Vampire High Council as well.

As stated above, currently we are not accepting other Vampire seethes, however as the sites grows, this will likely change. If you want to make your own vampire Seethe, you'll have to talk to an admin about it and we'll consider it if you make a good case about it. Otherwise, we don't want to have 20 billion vampire covens running all over the place.

The Ancients are the first original vampires that are a part of the Vampire High Council, whose base of operations is also located in Portland HERE. They police the other vampires and make sure that their own people don't do anything that will draw unwanted attention to their kind. The other canon vampire group that is listed is the Valdis Seethe.

Listed here you will find the information about Vampires.


Do the werewolves have packs here? Yes, our site has two major packs HERE: the Farkas pack and the Volk pack. They are rival werewolf clans, as the leader of the Volk pack was kicked out of the Farkas a long time ago. The Volk pack are generally known to be the more ruthless of the two packs, while the Farkas are neutral, most living among humans, and operating under the guise of such. The Farkas had a long history with the Graysons, a well-known hunting family who once had a peace treaty with the pack. However, that peace treaty has been dissolved since 12 years ago, when one of the Graysons killed the previous Farkas beta in cold blood. Since then, the Farkas have declared the Graysons an enemy, although that could always changed.

Again, if you want to make your own werewolf pack, you'll have to talk to our admins first about it, as right of now, we only have the two packs, and Omegas, or lone wolves.

What's the deal with werewolves and shifters aging?

So here's the thing. Bitten werewolves stop aging when they're bitten. Born werewolves and shapehifters are immortal. They reach maturity and then stop aging. Skinwalkers have the lifespan of a human as a compromise for being able to shift into many shapes, as well as people.

Is there some major hunter's association?

You'll notice that also listed in our Canons, we have the Darak canons, which are comprised of local hunters from Portland who are led by a man named Lane. His group is a council for hunters, with a set of rules that not only combat Supernaturals but also protect them from being killed senselessly. However, an old order of rogue hunters has started to rise, tired of Lane's high morals and have started killing supers indiscriminately.


What are the Fae real like? So we have a certain species called the FAE, which has sub-categories of Fae like banshee, djinn, merfolk, and sidhe.

The Fae Realm is divided up into 2 major courts: the Seelie and the Unseelie. The Seelie are known as the lighter part of the two courts, and are generally seen as the good faeries. They have their own set of rules, and they do not like to inflict harm on humans. But the Unseelie are known to be the more malicious of the two and take pleasure in harming humans. Some of them may also have been kicked out of the Seelie court.

Humans also need to be aware of one fact about the Fae realm: if one eats or drinks anything in the Fae realm, that person will be forever under the control of a Fae on whose land that food was eaten. Essentially, a human will become Fae property, enslaved to faeries. So beware!


What is the diet of unicorns in human form?

While they have no dietary restrictions, most unicorns tend to be vegetarian, though it is entirely up to them.

Can dragons, phoenixes or unicorns produce offspring with another species?

All species in the mythic membergroup can only produce offspring with another of the same species. There are no half dragons, half phoenixes or half unicorns.


What happens when halflings, half-demons and nephilim have children?

In all cases, this depends on their partner. Human genetics are vastly dominant to those of the other species'. It is possible for them to produce another half-supernatural only if their partner is that species - for example, a halfling and a fae will produce another halfling. Otherwise, any children will be fully human. Any leftover genetic traits from their non-human ancestry will not have any lasting effect in future generations.

What is the In Between?

Very little is known about the nature of this mysterious magical plane that exists in a parallel realm to our own. A dimension that runs alongside ours, accessed by taping into the ley lines. Though ley lines can be felt to some degree by humans, the In Between can only be accessed by magic users and other supernatural. The In Between is a perpetual waste land that smells of burnt amber where still burning ash falls from the sky. It is a place outside of time, with no past ad no future. When a magic user taps into the ley line, typically to enhance whatever magic they are performing, they are transported to the In Between.

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