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Portland, OR
No doubt you have been able to sense it. Maybe you don't quite know why you're here, but there's something different about this city. An ancient art is returning to this modern world: magic. Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.
Welcome to My Soul to Keep.
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Amor Fati
Pronouns: They
The Fates


My Soul to Keep

There are stories, of omens and awakenings, of good and evil, of life and death, and in betweens. These are the stories of Portland, Oregon, a place with a history of the supernatural. But now the stories are getting even crazier than usual after the strange lights dancing in the night sky following the earthquake that shook the city. Everyone's paying attention, even the humans are listening.

The same night the earthquake rocked the city, it ripped through the realm parallel to the human world, the magical wasteland that is home to the ley lines, fracturing the ancient magical lines.

Little did anyone know the cause behind the earthquake and the fractures in the ley lines was a dragon, the last of her kind, as she reached magical maturity. The only dragon born outside of their realm, long closed off to them, is returning the magical realm, and the human world it's tethered to, back to pure magic.

Now the citizens of the city are facing the awakening of magic as never before. Will humans remain in the dark about the existence of the supernatural? Will the newly arrived Osane vampire Seethe war with their old enemies the Farkas pack, and ally with a former enemy as brother is determined to betray brother again, only repeating history? Or will their Queen be put down by the Original vampire and his council of Ancients? Will the Darak tear each other apart as Old Order operates actively against a more modern faction, keep the city safe or die trying? Who will benefit from the raw magic pouring from the ley lines? And what will the return of dragons and their magic mean for the world?

Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.

Welcome to My Soul to Keep.

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