Welcome to My Soul To Keep, an advanced literate original supernatural roleplay. Please be sure to carefully read ALL of the rules and register your character FIRST M. LAST (in all caps)
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No doubt you have been able to sense it. Maybe you don't quite know why you're here, but there's something different about this city. An ancient art is returning to this modern world: magic. Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.
Welcome to My Soul to Keep.
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Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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My Soul to Keep


All characters must be registered in FIRST M. LAST format in all capital letters (ex. FIRST M. LAST), except for demons, and angels/fallen, who only have one name but must also be registered in all capital letters. Please do not duplicate names - the member directory is a good resource for this. Staff will also alert members to doubles, and ask to alter names in accordance with our rules. Surnames should only be duplicated in the case of relatives or spouses.


My Soul to Keep is a mature site, with dark and mature themes and content, all applicants must be over the age of 18. We are a welcoming community and LGBTQ+ friendly site. Members are expected to respect one another, guests and staff. My Soul to Keep does not tolerate harassment or discrimination, and staff will handle it swiftly and severely. Please keep drama IC only and out of the cbox. Tag members so they know they have a post.

Though you have free rein over your OOC name, we do ask that you be sensible. Offensive names are unacceptable. We do ask that you do NOT have the same OOC name as any of your characters, or a nickname or derivation thereof. If these rules are broken, an admin will be in contact with you.

IC Posting Standards

My Soul to Keep is an advanced literate site, meaning we care about spelling, grammar, character development, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Writing should be done in the third person, past tense and we especially care about spelling, grammar, character development and sentence structure. Honestly, we just want to help each other grow and develop as writers, we love having new people that come in and push us, and love having newbies to the whole RP world join us that we can help out. As long as you show us a good effort to meet our standards, and are willing to accept corrections, you should fit right in.

Godmodding will not be permitted. Anything done to another member's character requires prior consent. My Soul to Keep is a no word count site, but as a courtesy to your partner, please try to match their post length.

Since we are a mature site, there may occasionally be violent, sexual and dark themes in our content. Accordingly, all threads must be tagged accordingly with [M] tag in the thread title, and/or accompanied with [TW] if any content might be triggering to another person. Please be mindful of other members.


All characters must be over the age of 18, absolutely no exception (same as our members). Account avatars are 250x400px. Staff can help members find or make graphics.

Please fill out the mini-profile completely before submitting your application, if you need help just ask a staff member for help. Use the provided template and completely fill out and submit in the appropriate forum.

Mary and Gary Stues will not be accepted, please give you character flaws - even the powerful, immortal ones! Face claims are mandatory. Acceptable face claims include actors/actresses, models, musicians, and must be over the age of 18. Porn faces will not be accepted. Face claims will be solely reserved for those characters, they will only be shared when portraying twins/triplets.

You have 48 hours after an application has been accepted to claim your character's face unless you have PM'd an admin. For mortal characters, character's age must be +/-7 years from the age of the face claim.

We are currently not allowing new packs/seethes/covens at this time, but this is subject to change.

You do not need any posts with your first character to make your second character. However, for your third character, you must have 5 posts each with your first two characters. For every character after that, all your characters must have 5 posts each. There is no cap on the number of characters you may have, but each character must be active. This is defined as at least five in character posts a month. Wanted ads are to be reviewed by the person that has requested the character prior to staff approval.

Do not whitewash. This rule applies in particular to canons as well as wanted ads. Supporting and encouraging diversity and representation of non-white races is very important to us here at MSTK, so we will be very strict about enforcing this.

We would like to keep a pretty good species balance on site, so if you’re making multiple characters, we ask that you try to keep that in mind. If species ratios become too imbalanced, we will be forced to put a ban in place for each respective category. We would love to see all the species being made and being played, so if you’re making multiple characters, please make more than one species.

Activity Checks

After more than two months of inactivity, characters/members will be considered inactive, and their accounts will be moved to the archives, and faces reopened. We will also hold regular activity checks quarterly.


Please do not advertise in the cbox. Kindness and respect should be shown to guests, members, and staff alike. If staff feel that lines have been crossed, they will PM members directly with a warning. Please keep drama IC! If something happens in the CBox, please pm a staff member and they will handle it. Though we permit very dark and triggering subject matter with warning tags on the appropriate boards, please avoid talking such potentially triggering topics in the cbox.

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