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 Devereaux, Bastien, 53 | Half-Demon | Alex Pettyfer
Tell me why am I still here when it’s all gone. I’m living with the ghost of yesterday
Pronouns: He/Him
Dance Teacher


Name: Bastien Aubry Devereaux

Nickname(s): Bad(ass), Bassy, Dev

Age: 53

Birthday: February 2, 1964

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/His

Species: Half-Demon


Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Dancer/Dance teacher


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Myers Briggs: INFP


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Relationship Status: Single parent

Significant Other(s): Kristiane Paschen (deceased)


  • Father: Elpidus (not that Bastien knows it)
  • Mother: Elise Devereaux (deceased)
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Children: Esperance (6)
  • Pets: None
There was no funeral.

There was nobody to stand with him and mourn the vibrant life that had been stolen from the world. Now all that was left was a cold, unwelcoming gravestone.

Kristiane Paschen-Devereaux

It was a freak accident. She was driving across an intersection when another car rammed into hers. She hadn’t died instantly but she was in bad shape. She might have lived but it was hard to tell; over and over, she kept insisting that they prioritize her unborn child. They got to the nearest hospital and by then it was too late to save both mother and child. Honoring her last words, the medics saved the baby girl. By some miracle, the last thing she saw in her mortal life was the tiny, premature child. Her last gift to the world. Kristiane died with a smile on her face.

When her fiance found out, it was too late. She was gone and the unnamed baby girl was already in the NICU. It was easy to see the pure devastation on the man’s face. This was a man that had lost his entire world. There was no anger, no anguish, no expression. He was simply lost.

Finally, a doctor took pity on him and gave him direction. “Your daughter needs you,” he told the man. “Premature babies benefit from their parents’ presence. You’re all she has.”

That was enough to get him to start taking action. He knew what it was like to be left alone. His child shouldn’t have to experience that.

Day in and day out, he spent every possible minute with his daughter. He had to name her but nothing was coming to mind. She was so tiny. He felt so helpless. He needed her to live. He kept hoping and praying to a god that he did not believe in. Esperance. The French word for hope. It was a fitting name. If she died, his own hope would be gone. He would find a way to join his family, one way or another. He hoped that she would live. He wasn’t ready to die.

When he wasn’t with Esperance, Bastien drowned himself in his regrets. For all intents and purposes, he became homeless. Kris was the main breadwinner of the household. She was the one that paid the rent for their apartment. He worked a minimum wage job but was rightfully fired after he simply stopped showing up when she died. Any money that they had was funneled into paying for Esperance’s care. Bastien didn’t care. He just needed his daughter to live. It was hard to let go of his fiancee but he had to accept that she was dead. It was what she would have wanted. What Kris wanted, he wanted.

She had given him a life worth living. She was the first person who wanted him and that was something that was hard to forget. In a way, Bastien pitied Esperance. She was stuck with him. She didn’t get a choice in having both her mother and father. Just her father. Who really wasn’t cut out for this. It had taken Kristiane months to convince him that he was worthy of fathering a child. Now he had a child - and no fiancee.

They were due to be married in a matter of days. There was going to be no ceremony; just the official documents away from the eyes of the world. No one approved of their relationship and no one would have attended anyhow. That was their life. It was the only one that Bastien had known. They had met by chance. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Bastien was homeless; and he just so happened to be at a shelter when she, along with other volunteers, arrived to help. He was quite sure that he had been as positively rude to her as he could have been but for whatever reason, she was taken with him. He couldn’t understand it. First it was just her hoping to see him at the shelter again. Of course he returned; who wouldn’t, if a pretty lady asked them? Then it was her offering him giftcards and cash for the week ahead. He wasn’t a good enough person to turn those down or share them. Suddenly it was full blown dates and before he knew it, he was living in her apartment.

Later he found out that it was because he was so different to the people she was usually around and he intrigued her. By that time, it didn’t matter to him. It was them against the world - or so it seemed. Kristiane had helped him to turn his life around. She had gotten to know him and encouraged him to get a job. Suddenly, what had seemed impossible before was now possible. She was like magic. Bastien knew that he would never be on par with her, but he was doing his best in his own way. It was hard to compete with a law student, after all.

Those were the happy times when it seemed that nothing could go wrong. The subject of parents was never brought up - and it was a good thing thus far. Bastien knew that he wasn’t human. He also knew that he was much older than she was. He’d brought that up early on in their friendship but had lied about his real age. He was just a touch younger than her parents. He didn’t tell her that he wasn’t completely human. Yet. He had to spill the beans when her parents came for a surprise visit. He’d known that she came from a rich family but he didn’t realize just how rich she was. Of course her parents rejected him. That’s what all parents seemed to do when they saw him. Even his own. Kristiane refused to let them dictate her life. After a massive fight, they were still together and she was practically disowned. Strange as it were, she hardly cared. He was getting the feeling that she didn’t like them. Was it really all that good without parents?

He didn’t know much about either of his birth parents. His father was an unholy, wicked demon. That was what his mother used to scream at him whenever something went wrong, in both French and English. It wasn’t always bad, but when it was, it was difficult. He’d manifested his powers early on and he knew that something wasn’t quite right with her head. He just… knew. But Bastien didn’t know what to do. She kept him busy from an early age. The biggest impact she left on his life was ballet. That was his introduction into the world of dance. It was his reason to be away from home - until she stopped paying for the classes. And from there, things went downhill. CPS took him away from her when he was five. He went into foster care and she was institutionalized.

From home to home, he and his meager belongings bounced. He fought tooth and nail to continue his dance lessons. Those were his refuge. In the long run, they paid off. Bastien tried, but he never was quite the right kid. No real surprise. He’d learned from his mother and her acerbic tongue. It was either that, or he was completely aloof. No one could connect to him. The faces and places were all different, but the dancing was always the same. It was his passion. He wasn’t going to give that up. Or so he thought.

When eighteen came around, he was suddenly out of a home. Then it was place to place with a little bit of ambition. He’d started a degree in dance but never finished it. That was the story of his life. The streets, occasional home here and there and the rest was history.

Now? Now none of it mattered. Kristiane was gone and now he was a parent. He was going to do his best.

It certainly wasn’t the best start to it when they still had no home and he still had no job when she was finally out of the NICU. Begging favors and going from house to house, Bastien raised his precious daughter. The last light that his beloved had left behind. He knew he needed to get all his ducks in a row to have a good home for Esperance.

With what money and pull he had thanks to Kristiane, Bastien took out a loan for a dance studio. They had talked about him opening his own dance studio but they hadn’t thought it was possible at the time. Now he had no choice and even with the loan, this would offer him a better alternative to a regular, minimum wage job - and that meant more time with Esperance.

He wasn’t anywhere near being a perfect parent but he tried. He really did try. Esperance had his blonde hair when she was just an infant but as she grew, it darkened into the color typically seen in those of Asian descent. They looked so different that the question of whether they were related often arose. She was quiet but intelligent - and far more sensitive than Bastien himself. Even with his telepathy. He missed Kris on a daily basis but his daughter was truly the best thing that had happened to him. He had little money to dote on her but he made it up with the time that he spent with her - he hoped. His one regret was that he wasn’t able to teach Esperance the language that she was named in but he had lost it over the years. With what extra time he had, he tried to learn the language again. It was better to try, right?

Clearly, not everyone was convinced that he was a good enough parent. Though they hadn’t so much as made a peep even with Kris’s death, suddenly the Paschens were back - and they were trying to take Esperance away from him. Bastien fought tooth and nail. Day in and day out it was a battle in court. Many tears of frustration were shed by both father and daughter as the battle put Bastien into even more debt. He would have lost, had the Paschens not become impatient.

One moment she was there, and then the next she was gone. Taken. The Paschens were going to hold Esperance’s safety over him and force him to give up the battle for custody. Bastien was having none of it. He single-handedly rescued his own daughter from the people that the Paschens had hired. The little that he had learned from Kristiane helped him to finally close the case once and for all - and earn himself a side job. Lawyers were paid to do their job, but it didn’t mean that everyone was satisfied. At the end of the day, there were bad people that walked free. He had an edge over these people and he knew how to keep his mouth shut. Dance teacher and single father by day, crook-hunting vigilante by night. It was a tight schedule but he had every intention of letting his daughter have a better life than he’d had.

Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer

Alias: Neo

Age: 20

Timezone: PST

Contact: CBox/PM/Discord (PrincessLuna#3194)

Mature Themes: Who’s first?

Other Characters: Arjan Mehta, Azazel, Samiya Kartal, Skyla Everhart, Tyler Conall

bastien devereaux
Pronouns: he/him/his
resident dino
slytherin house
the gay

accepted welcome to MY SOUL TO KEEP
Lunechona, how dare you make me feel my own feelings?!? Poor Bas, poor Esperance, poor Kris, poor everyone. I'm pumped to see how you get him on his feet here. And shame on you for stealing the first half-demon!

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