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 Application Guide, Read this before you start your app
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app guide

what we need to know about your character

If you're reading this, it probably means you're ready to create your first character, so Welcome to My Soul to Keep from the entire staff team! This is a quick guide to the expectations that we have of character applications. Please note that this is by no means a full prescription of how to write your character application - just some basic tips to help us process apps faster and getting you to be a formal member.

character expectations

Any character that you want to play on My Soul to Keep must be your own original creation. We under NO circumstances allow copycatting and any member that submits an application for such a character will be asked to edit their application until this is no longer the case. This is non-negotiable. If staff finds that a second character by the same roleplayer is also a copycat, the application will be denied and that roleplayer will be banned immediately. This may seem harsh, but we are specifically an advanced literate site. While we allow roleplayers newer to the art to be a part of our community, we want to help everyone grow in their writing ability. My Soul to keep is not a fan fiction site and thus, the staff firmly believes that copycatting is absolutely unacceptable. It is for this reason that the consequences are severe.

So what is defined as "copycatting"? The quickest, easiest answer that we can provide is simply any character that at first glance, can be recognized as a character from another artist's works, whether contemporary or historical. Common victims of copycatting include the Lord of the Rings, Twilight and Harry Potter sagas. Copycatting is vastly different from inspiration and it is obvious when a character is a copycat concept - the most obvious tell is that a character's history will look identical to a fictional character except for a simple name change. This also applies to any plots and wanted ads on the site.

Inspiration on the other hand, is more acceptable. All artists have to start somewhere and everyone can be inspired by a good work of art. The biggest difference is that you've made that character your own. Basing your character off a trope instead of a pre-existing character is vastly different from making a carbon copy of one. For one, it shows the staff an example of your own writing and creativity - and that's what we want to see in an app.

Please note that we do not allow Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu characters. Your character cannot be the best. Sorry. Everyone has flaws, even fictional characters. They may believe that they are perfect but we need evidence that they are not. This is important and yet another reason why an app may be pended or even denied in extreme cases.

As a final note, it is your responsibility to read and understand our lore, species info, magic and anything pertinent to the character that you are going to make. Staff is always willing to help and answer questions whenever we can, but ultimately, we cannot read, understand and process our rules for you. Some of our lore will be different from other media. You must use our lore in creating your character. Apps that do not follow this rule will be pended.

Quick links to site resources:


This is the "list" part of the app and includes information like full name, age and species displayed in list form. This part of the app should stay the way it is for the most part. There are some species/character dependent parts of the app that may be completely left out of the app. If your character is not part of a group (like the Farkas pack), the rank item may be omitted. If your character is not a spellcaster, powers may be removed. You may add fields if you feel they are relevant - for example, powers may be replaced with animal shift, if your character is a shifter.

Myers Briggs Personality: This is one of the many personality tests there are out there. If you don't already know your character's personality type, you can take the free test here. Please put the 4 letter personality type your character is for this section. e.g. ISTP

Moral Alignment: Similar to the MBTI personality test, there is also one for moral alignment. This can be found here. Please report the alignment you get for your character. E.g. Lawful Good


The freeform section of the app is your chance to tell us about your character in your own unique way. This is the only place that you can write about your character in the non-standard, third person, past tense format that we require for My Soul to Keep members. We accept almost all writing forms here as long as it covers enough of your character's personality and history to make them seem like a real, multidimensional person that you might be able to meet on the streets. There is an absolute minimum of five paragraphs for your app to be considered complete.

Some common formats include first person, non-chronological, definition by personality traits, interview style, correspondence by multiple letters, and poetry.

As an advanced literate site, we also have certain expectations when it comes to our accepted applications. We like to see well developed personalities and important pieces of history critical to the development of said character. While we understand much character exploration occurs through RP itself, we believe in a thorough understanding of the character before we can accept an application (no, this doesn't mean you need to write a novel, just enough for us to get a feel for the character). But some details and multidimensionality are key.

Grammar and punctuation are particularly important here. Why? As noted above, we are considered an advanced literate site and we would like for any writing to reflect that level, or an attempt to achieve that level. Additionally, the character application should be the place to showcase your writing to us. Even if you are not a native speaker of English, we believe that it is still possible, with effort and willingness to learn, to achieve a decent level of writing.

If you need some extra help on writing, here are a couple of guides:

There are many other guides out there, and this is by no means a complete list. Please refer to these, or others, at your own discretion.


Thread titles should adhere to the format Lastname, Firstname M. in proper capitalization. An admin will ask you to fix this if it is not the case.

Thread descriptions should follow the format Age (in numbers | Species | Face Claim in proper capitalization. Once again, an admin will ask you to fix this if it is not in this form.

Please do not forget to replace "GROUPNAMEHERE" with the appropriate membergroup name for your character - this changes the color of the sidebar.

If you wish to use headers in your app for either the basic or freeform section, the tag for the headers that are currently in use are:


Make sure all images are sized properly and not skewed or too small to fully cover the space. The smaller icon gif must be at least 80x80 px. The image should be square and will resize down to fit the space.

The larger app image is 380x450 px or larger. This image will not resize, so please make sure that it is at least those dimensions. Again, please make sure that the image is not skewed. If you need help with images, an admin would be happy to help.


Due to the relative novelty of HTML code to some, here are a few quick tips for formatting in apps and other HTML based templates.

To insert a new paragraph, the p tag can be used. This tag does not need a closing tag and can be used in the following manner:

<p>This is the start of one paragraph <p>This is another paragraph
Which results in:

This is the start of one paragraph

This is another paragraph

If a simple line break is what you're looking for, then you'll want to use the br tag. Like the p tag, this does not need a closing tag:

This is one line <br> This is another line
Which results in:
This is one line
This is another line

For bold, italics, underlines and strikethroughs, the respective tags are demonstrated below. You MUST have a closing tag for each of these. Please note that HTML templates on jcink forms support both the square brackets (BBCode) and angled brackets (HTML tags). The code for each is demonstrated below:

[b]Bold[/b], [i]italics[/i], [u]underline[/u], [s]strikethrough[/s] and <b>bold</b>, <i>italics</i>, <u>underline</u> and <s>strikethrough</s>

To change the alignment of your text, the following codes will work. Like changing the style of the text, these tags must have a closing tag.

<left>left aligned text</left> <center>centered text</center> [align=right]right aligned text[/align] [align=justify]justified text[/align]
Note in the following preview that each alignment of text is automatically placed on a new line:
left aligned text
centered text
right aligned text
This text is completely justified as you can see since it leaves no white space on the right as it reaches the end of the quote box.

If you have need of coding assistance, please contact Neo.

Finally, please fill out your character's mini profile as completely as you can before alerting staff that your app is complete. Your app will be pended if this step is not completed.

Note: Don't worry about the "species" part of the mini-profile. You are not required to fill this out! Additionally, MP3 and quote/lyrics are also optional.


Thanks for reading this guide! We hope that this guide has helped and we're looking forward to reading about your wonderful, unique characters.

Ready to start with your first character, click here for the application template.

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