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 Mehta, Arjan B., 28 | Halfling | Rahul Kohli
Pronouns: He/Him
Lab Tech


Name: Arjan Benjamin Mehta

Nickname(s): RJ

Age: 28 years

Birthday: May 4th, 1988

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Halfling


Hometown: Boston, MA

Occupation: Lab Tech

Powers: Death sensing, supernatural sensing


Myers Briggs: ISFJ


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Relationship Status: Dating

Significant Other(s): Wyatt Hawthorne


जन्म (birth)

It was an unlikely scenario, but it had happened. Who would have thought that a banker and a Bollywood actor would fall in love, right? And of the two, who would have thought that it was the actor that would be human. It was unusual in all sense, but neither would trade it for anything else. That was the beauty of their relationship. It wasn’t always easy, of course. She would outlive him many times over but at least some time together was better than no time together - or so he had promised her. She believed him. She had outlived him multiple times but didn’t doubt that this man would stay with her in her memories for a long time. He was so vibrant and she was just drawn to his flame.

With such passion, it was no surprise that a child would result from their union - the first mortal that she had mothered. Of course she had other children through the years, but they were full-blooded fae and had no death to fear. This precious, fragile child was only half and yet she loved and treasured him perhaps even more than the others. He was a symbol of her risk, and a reminder that she was letting herself live and love again. Arjan.

आप्रवासन (immigration)

She wouldn’t have dreamed of uprooting their life when Arjan was just three but it had happened. She was being sent on an overseas assignment for the first time… well, ever. She wouldn’t have chosen it for her beautiful boy, if she knew what would happen but even a banshee’s powers don’t work that far in advance. It was difficult for her to move from London to Boston, having lived in London for multiple human lifetimes but she soon rediscovered the excitement of moving and suddenly it wasn’t much of a chore. It was an adventure. Like the stories she read to Arjan.

Besides, they got to experience real snow for the first time. That was magic.

Boston was magic. Sure, everyone had an American accent and it took them both a while to adjust to driving on the right side of the road and having different vocabularies and having people practically gawk at their accents but life was life and it never stopped. Arjan grew up bilingual in English and Hindi. It wasn’t easy, being picked on in school for his skin color, different accent and occasional slipups from English into Hindi but with a dynamic father, he learned not to hate his heritage. His father was a movie star, after all. How many other kids could say that?

मौत (death)

Oh how different life was when the light of both mother and son were stolen away. Arjan hadn’t known what his sixth sense was trying to tell him but his mother did. Even so, she wasn’t prepared to have her human husband taken away from her in a freak accident. They hadn’t even had a body to mourn. He was shipwrecked, lost at sea in a freak accident. Both mother and son were devastated. He had taught the cold banker how to laugh and take risks and he had helped his son embrace his differences. The world mourned his death, but none did more than the family he left behind. He had been the center of their worlds. Now he was gone.

It wasn’t the same after that. Arjan’s confidence was gone and his mother’s happiness went down the drain. Suddenly, elementary school seemed like an insurmountable challenge and he could never cheer his mother up. What was the point of it all? The quiet, confident kid had turned defensive, moody and bitter. Rumors floating around pointed it to his mother and her own depression. Help from colleagues, friends and concerned neighbors finally helped her to pull herself together to support her son. But was it too late for him?


नर्तकी (dancer)

In his second year of junior high, she insisted that he attend indian dance classes. Arjan thought it was ridiculous but he was oddly excited. It reminded him of his father but the more he attended the classes, the more he realized that the memories weren’t painful. He felt closer to his father and dance helped him heal. At the same time, he did get attention that he didn’t want. He was somewhat of a star, after all, being the son of a famous (mainly) Bollywood actor. That made him quit, but he was inspired once more; he had remembered the joy that his father had taught them to live with and that caused a change in him.

He was still quiet, unable to break out of his fondness for solace. The biggest difference was that his world was no longer gray. More people were gifted with the smile that had been missing for three years but the damage he had done to his social life would not be repaired. Still. With his father’s advice, he was able to make peace with it.

अभिनेता (actor)

Seeing his new confidence, his mother revealed that there had actually been scouts and talent seekers asking to have him play small parts in their movies. She hadn’t told him for fear that it would remind him too much of his father but now that he seemed at peace, she offered those to him. ‘Why not’, he had thought to himself. It wasn’t like he had anyone besides his mother to spend time with in school. He had no one to blame but himself so acting seemed like the better idea. They told him he had his father’s talent. Arjan wasn’t so sure. He didn’t think he could match his father’s radiance - he certainly didn’t enjoy it to the extent that his father did. He still enjoyed it though, so he played little parts.

It was liberating, being able to step into someone else’s shoes. Being able to forget your own worries for the time that you were rehearsing, memorizing and shaping this fictional character into a real, believable person. It just wasn’t his passion and Arjan knew that he couldn’t live on it the way his father did. That was why he refused to take major roles. He had another purpose in life - he just had to find it.

खिलाड़ी (gamer)

Like all boys that age, Arjan played his fair share of video games. He was pretty good at it too - just not good enough to play professionally. He played in regional competitions here and there, but this wasn’t the life for him. But he did rather like his computers. Maybe it was a sign that this was the direction to go in. Technology was the future, right?

Sure it was, but his passion wasn’t in computer programming. He didn’t need that kind of intensive job in his life. He didn’t want to sit behind a desk all day, every day like his mother did. She didn’t have a lot of time on her hands and Arjan wasn’t someone that could do that either. Call it his dad’s influence or whatever.


स्नातक स्तर की पढ़ाई (graduation)

When the time came, Arjan knew he needed to get out of Boston. This was his first chance to. He had practically destroyed his chance at a social life here so he needed to go someplace else. His mother followed him. Arjan didn’t mind… much. But he did insist on getting his own place. University was his first chance to actually redeem himself at a social life but who knew it was that difficult? It seemed like he was doomed to be alone.

A degree in forensic science and a minor in dance later, he was out in the world and in need of a job. The obvious place to go was the police force, so there he went. Certainly not a glamorous, money-making job like his mother’s but he enjoyed it. Solving puzzles, knowing that he could help put bad people away (even if it wasn’t in the most direct way possible), it was all fulfilling. It was what he wanted from his life.

स्वीकार (acceptance)

He had tried to make excuses about his lack of significant others but he was running out of them. It had gotten to the point where his mother had even asked him if he was gay. Well, was he? That was a tough question to answer and he couldn’t give her one. He’d dated before; girls mostly. It just hadn’t worked out. They looked at him strange, probably because he was a geek above all. Arjan had practically given up after that. He didn’t have the confidence to try to ask a guy out. That didn’t mean he couldn’t dream though.

Just like his mother, he was easily ensnared by a dynamic personality. He understood how his father had made her feel; like a flower that had been neglected for so long only to be given sunshine for the first time in forever and just be reminded of how good it felt. Even if it was temporary, Arjan knew he’d remember Wyatt for a long time. He’d just been so starved for attention that when it was given, it wasn’t easily forgotten. Now just to hope this light would stay. Maybe it wouldn’t be permanent but at least he held a part of the werewolf’s heart. And if he was forgotten… well, he wouldn’t live forever. Both a curse and a blessing, he supposed.

Face Claim: Rahul Kohli

Alias: Neo

Age: 20

Timezone: PST

Contact: PM/CBox

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Arjan Mehta

Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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