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Portland, OR
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 Conall, Edon R., 31 | Shifter (Were) | Kristen Bell
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Undercover cop
Farkas Pack
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Shifter (Werewolf)
Portland, OR
Undercover Cop
Edon R. Conall
"When the night draws near."


Edon Conall is a complicated woman. Raised in the (good) local pack, she's been around werewolves her whole life. Formerly the daughter of the pack Beta, she's now the sister of the man that holds the same title. As a werewolf, she's an instinctual creature. She's never been one to question her nature or the behaviors it drives, she just followed what they tell her to do. She possesses and inherited and unalterable tendency to behave or react without reason, but trusting her animal instinct; a natural desire that makes her act in particular ways. She trusts her gust both as a wolf, and as a cop.

Edon has a distinct love of life and this has usually represented itself in her life through some semblance of impulsivity, recklessness, restlessness, and adventurousness. When she had her first taste of adventure, it frightened her but she didn't let it stop her. It's part of the reason she became a cop, if she couldn't leave, at least she could have adventures. Edon also has notoriously struggled with authority her whole life, so it's humorously ironic that she became a cop. No one expected the impulsive, restless, non traditional girl to grow up and work with the very authority she struggles with.

Despite her recklessness, her impulsivity, her adventurous spirit; Edon possesses an inherent maternal instinct, and deep devotion to those she calls family, and pack. She feels responsible for her sister more now after her father's death, and after the trouble she found herself getting into, it was her concern for her sister than made her get her shit together. She's matured for the most part of the last decade, but she still possesses her free spirit. Her siblings are her greatest concerns, and she would die for either of them, or kill to keep them safe.

Edon also possesses an unfaltering loyalty. Those that Edon calls family, and even those she calls pack, are stuck with Edon for life, for better and for worse. She has an unwavering sense of family, including pack, and would do anything for those she considers either, or both. She carries a guilt for her father's death, and has complicated feelings when it comes to hunters, especially the Graysons. And her old friend Cal. Complicated is an understatement. His face still haunts her dreams.

Edon is playful, and has always had a good sense of humor. She loves having fun and teasing those closest to her, including her fellow cops. She possesses a quick and easy smile and easy wit. Cheering people up comes naturally to her, so long as she's in a good mood. Typically sassy, with a playful beckoning smile. When she's actually on the job, she's much more serious and professional, unless someone pisses her off, and she gets mouthy.

She's hardly bound by convention, and that's a little way she gets her's when butting heads with the Man. As an undercover cop, she has freedom to wear what she wants, and what she usually wears both on and off the job is rather unconventional and bucks with tradition. She has an obsession with the color red, a trend since high school. She loves fashion and daring flashy fashion at that. She's made a name for herself at the precinct for her ability to run and chase assailants in obnoxiously high heels and clunky boots. She's not afraid to be different, and she's not afraid to be herself.

Self sacrificing, brave and strong, she's determined to build a life for herself outside of the pack. Possessing a short temper, big heart, bigger mouth, and the occasional love of partying, she somehow manages being a reckless adult with a responsible cop. And don't be surprised to find her brother lurking somewhere not far behind, keeping an eye on his daring, ballsy sister.


Edon has a somewhat shattered past that helped shape her into the woman she is today. She lost her mother during the birth of her young sister. Despite the unbearable loss, Edon is fiercely overprotective of her sister and even of her older brother. While her sister has always blamed herself for the death of their mother, Edon never has; even with the hole in her heart that has never seemed to heal. Even though she has not always been the best figure for it, Edon took to raising and mothering her young sister, and put that role upon herself; much to the gratitude of her father.

After the death of her mother, life found a steady rhythm. She grew up the child of two contradicting worlds, the daughter of the pack, and the close friend of hunters. Edon's father, Rudolf or Rudy to his friends, was best friends with a hunter. Decades earlier, the Conall and Grayson patriarchs had struck up an alliance, a peace treaty to protect both families, both legacies and both species. The Farkas pack followed a carefully maintained code governed by their leaders; they solely hunted on pack land, they didn't kill humans and they policed themselves. They stayed out of Supernatural politics besides keeping a close eye on the trouble making Volk pack. Their Alpha promised the the Grayson's that if the Volk pack got out of hand, they would do what was necessary. But the Volks kept a low enough profile, and life among the Farkas was fair and easy. A happy upbringing.

Rudy and the Grayson patriarch, John, were the best of friends. The Graysons were good people, despite being hunters. And Edon's closest friend out side of the pack growing up was on Calhoun Grayson. He was as a much of a trouble maker as she was, if not more so. He shared her adventurous spirit. His smart aleckness always had her in stitches, and usually in trouble. And even though he wasn't a wolf, but a hunter, her natural enemy, he always accepted her for exactly what she was. She spent a lot of time at the old church the Grayson hunters used as the base of their operations. Hell, Cal was the one to teach her how to shoot.

He was also the one to witness her first shift. A wild animal, truly for the first time, the shift was uncontrolled, and if not for the intervention by her father, she might have killed her closest friend. The wolf was a mindless killing machine with no ability to tell the difference between friend or foe. She was shaky after the encounter, struggling to come to terms with the the true nature of what she was, and how she could do serious damage. She was a predator. But as her father taught her control, and she hunted with the pack, she learned to managed the wolf inside her with the woman she was becoming. And in the end, Cal stuck by her side, and the two were closer than ever.

Twelve years ago, when Edon was only seventeen, her life was shattered a second time when her father was killed, murdered by the very hunters that had sworn a peace treaty with them. He was violently slaughtered by a young man bent on eradicating all supernaturals, regardless of their nature, even though the members of the Farkas pack hunted only on pack land and never laid a hand on humans. With her father's murder the treaty fell to ruin and the Graysons and the Conall's (backed by the pack) became enemies once more.

After the death of her father, her only remaining parent, Edon become even more rebellious than she had through most of her adolescence. She developed a penchant of screwing up with royal flair. The intrinsic restlessness that was long a part of her got the better of her and she ended up getting into some fairly serious trouble. Suffice it to say a generous cop with a good nose for potential was enough of a close call to knock some sense into her.

Edon never left Portland, despite her adventurous spirit and desire for something bigger and better. She felt duty bound to stay close to her brother, her sister and her pack. Edon eventually found herself work as a cop for the Portland Police Department, working undercover, closely with vice and narcotics. Even though she's impulsive, struggles with authority, she's an asset and a hell of a cop. In her free time, she sometimes helps out at the pack's bar on the edge of the pack property on the outskirts of the city, waitressing the same as she did growing up. She still keeps a close maternal eye on her sister and often butts heads with her brother. But what you say, they're family and they are all she has.

RP Sample

See Rowan Carling.

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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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