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 Aster, Ancient, Sidhe, Will Tudor


Name: Aster

Nickname(s): Lord of Nightmares, King of Sluagh, The Dark Prince, The Bastard (for those with a death-wish)

Age: Ancient

Birthday: December 21st

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He

Species: Sidhe


Hometown:Fae Realm

Occupation: Leader of the Wild Hunt

Rank: Prince of the Winter Court


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Myers Briggs: ISFP


Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic

Relationship Status: Single

Significant Other: Nasrin


  • Father: A winter court noble, Aster had Nasrin murder him and together they systematically eliminated all record of his existence.
  • Mother: Mab
  • Siblings: None
  • Children: None
  • Other: Iridessa - Cousin
  • Pets: Nasrin

I am the shadow that covers the brightest of lights, the nightmare that has no end. I am the king of Sluagh, the Wild Hunt. I am the rightful heir to the Night Court, denied my birthright because of an impure bloodline, but I will let nothing stop me from achieving the power that is my mother’s and, by right, should be my inheritance- laws of the courts be damned.

To those ends, I summoned from the smokeless fire a Marit, whose name I brought into being, first spoken by me: Nasrin. Words cannot describe what she means to me, though I’d sooner sever my tongue with iron than ever speak aloud the words. She is mine, created by me to serve my ends. Her existence continues so long as I desire it, and I do so desire her. She is my weapon, my confidant… which is why her departure from my control has been most… frustrating.

For millennia Nasrin was by my side, or performing her duties for my mother or me. Of course, she was required to be obedient by the magic that bound us, but I saw in her eyes the desire to carry out some of my commands. Not all, for I could also see the fires of her origin burning with defiance in her eyes, but some. I hoped to mold her, slowly, to be bound to me not just through magic but from something… deeper, more… intimate. But at her first chance, when the leylines severed our bond, she escaped to the mortal realm, and I can no longer feel our connection.

When she left, I fell into a terrible storm of emotion. I lashed out in anger, I wept, I convinced myself that she would return, but she did not. Now I must go to the mortal realm, not with the Sluagh at my command but as a man looking for his lost piece. I am incomplete without Nasrin, her absence fills me with terrible anxiety and frustration. And when I reforge our bond, I will ensure that she feels some of that pain.

Were that the end of my tale, it would be quite a short story, but I have other reasons to be in the realm of mortals.

My birthright has been usurped by another: Iridessa. I may have no respect for some of the laws of the court, such as those preventing me from being the heir apparent, but even I would not commit the crime of breeding with a fae from the summer court, which is precisely what Iridessa did. That child, the forbidden mixture of the two courts, was the deed that lead to Iridessa's confinement to the dungeon, but not the repeal of her title. While the leylines separated me from my Nasrin, they also brought with them opportunity.

Iridessa has fled to the mortal world to protect her child from Mab. Here, the courts have no power. In the mortal world, I can eliminate Iridessa. While it still won't repeal the decree of my birthright, its at least a start, and it will make me feel better knowing that there is one less person that might wrongfully take a seat on my throne.

Face Claim: Will Tudor

Alias: V

Age: 27

Timezone: EST

Contact: Discord

Mature Themes: All of the things

Other Characters: Madeline Lee

Magic doesn’t come from talent. It comes from pain.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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accepted welcome to MY SOUL TO KEEP

And with that, the King of the Sluagh lives. I wouldn't want to get between him and the throne. Or get between him and Nasrin. .

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