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Portland, OR
No doubt you have been able to sense it. Maybe you don't quite know why you're here, but there's something different about this city. An ancient art is returning to this modern world: magic. Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.
Welcome to My Soul to Keep.
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 Organizations and Affiliations
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My Soul to Keep

Information on Local Organizations


The Atier Coven is known as a French Coven that rose to power early in European history. They have long been revered as healers; and scholars of the Great arts. Once an all-female coven, under the guidance of Selene Atier, they broke with tradition and welcomed men within their ranks. They have always been known for their moral alignment, and devotion to protecting their community at large, not only their magical one. Their last Supreme, Atier, rose to a position on the High Coven, and the reigns now lie in her younger sister's hands.


The Maksim Cabal and Coven is well known in the Spellcaster world and the Supernatural community as a whole. It has a notorious reputation, associated with the darker side of magic and trafficking in the arts, they have also risen as a crime family, but with hands in the right pockets and potions boiling in the cauldron, it wasn't hard for them to grease their way to the top. The family is full of powerful spellcasters, the head of the family, Maksim, the most notorious of them all. He has been ambitious, and ruthless but careful about monitoring their own actions so as to not bring the High Coven down on them.


The Spellcaster High Coven is the collective of Supremes that ascended to the highest order among the witches, led by the famed Morgana le Faye. They are the most notorious of the Spellcasters, their names known to all. They were formed with a specific duty in mind; to ensure Spellcasters follow the codes of the High Coven, enforcing their laws. It is their solemn duty to protect the Spellcasters as a whole, from the human and Supernatural threats they have always faced, including their own kind. Since they ley lines began pouring power and magic, they High Coven has arrived in the city, establishing a temporary headquarters as they investigate and regulate.


The Farkas pack is one of the two local werewolf packs. The Farkas pack is the original pack established, with a long Nordic history. After clashing with the Akeldama Seethe on the grounds of their ancestral land, the Alpha took the remaining members of the pack, crossed the seas and eventually he and his people settled the land of what was to become Portland, Oregon. They lived in relative peace, staying far from the indigenous humans and lived without fear of the Darak left behind in the Old World. Then the younger brother Thorulf turned on his brother, the Alpha, leading to his exile from the pack, a few followed him. Since then, the Farkas has focused on living in peace and harmony with the humans, the Darak and the Supernatural, policing themselves and living as humans when not under the pull of the full moon. The pack is tight knit, well organized, the longest running supernatural organization in the area. They have roots in the police force and local hospital.


The other of the two established werewolf packs, the Volk originated when their leader Thorulf Lovell was forced from the Farkas pack after failing to challenge his brother Fenrir for the role of Alpha. He established his own pack with thoughts to eventually challenge his brother again. Since establishing the Volk, he and his pack left the region for centuries, gathering Omegas, and turning his own wolves to grow his numbers. His pack has a bad reputation, which hasn't improved much upon his return to the Pacific Northwest, where he has established an unsteady treaty with his brother; and has spent the last several decades building his pack and biding his time.


The Vampire Council was formed by the First Vampire Cain, and his first generation of vampires to maintain some order of the growing numbers of vampires, as well as a direct response to the murder of his First child, Bahu Gula at the hands of her daughter, Naiara Osane. They keep their hands in countless businesses, including human trafficking and the blood trade. Like the others, Cain followed the source of flooding magic to its source, hoping to somehow use it to become a demon once more. As supernatural had surged into the city, so has the Council.


The Akeldama Seethe is the vampire seethe that calls Naiara Osane it's unhinged queen. She is the only child of Bahu Gula, the first vampire created by Cain. Under her mother's hand, she turned from innocent girl to violent killer, ultimately becoming her own sadistic monster, touched by her own madness. After killing her mother, Naiara became the uniting force behind the First Generation and the enemy of the Council of Ancients. The seethe is over 1300 years old. Members of the seethe are bound by the whims of their mad queen. All vampires within the seethe have been created by Naiara herself, or her fledlings. When the seethe arrived in Portland, Naiara switfly destroyed the previous seethe that called the city home. The flooding ley lines have only made her more intent on taking over the city. She has a history with the both the Farkas pack and the Alpha of the Volk. Who knows what will happen when old enemies cross paths once more.


Not all humans are entirely unaware of the Supernatural in their midst. The mayor leads the human faction, a collective of humans in and outside of the city aware of the rising threat.


The Lane Conclave has a history as one of the oldest families of the Darak. Though he hails from an ancient line of Darak, Lane does not uphold the code of the Old Order. He has vowed to keep the innocents of Portland safe, collecting hunters to work in concert with him. He has trained many hunters, imparting his code upon them. He refuses to kill indiscriminately, and insists the same from the hunters in the conclave. He has a history with Murtagh, and believes Murtagh has placed a mole within his ranks.


Murtagh is another Darak son, raised on the code of the Old Order. His collective of Darak is an assortment of Darak he's met over the years bent on the total annhilation of the Supernatural. Using money from an old dead relative, Murtagh houses his hunters in an abandoned ghoulish looking mansion just outside of Portland. They came to Portland, followed by the De Alvarado Cabal as magic began to leak from the In Between.


The De Alvarado Cabal is the oldest collective of Darak in the Americas. Established with the arrival of the conquistadors, this group of hunters comes from the Old Order. The cabal funds its Old Order mission through an arms ring established decades earlier, running an empire that stretches from Oaxaca, Mexico to Honduras, and even into El Salvador. The cabal is run by Xiomara De Alvarado, selected to run the hive and crime syndicate by her grandfather on his death bed. She brought the best of her soldiers with her to Portland to help the Old Order fight the rising tide of Supernaturals. They kill with no hesitation. It is not unheard of for them to kill those of their kind who do not uphold the Old Order.


The Seelie, also known as the Golden court is the court of Day. The queen of the Summer Sidhe currently sits on the Shining Throne. Both the Summer and Spring courts count themselves among the Seelie. Titania has ruled the Seelie since the death of her husband, Oberon, at the hands of Mab and the Unseelie centuries earlier. Her eldest son, Orin, now rules at her side. Unlike the court of Night, the Seelie court is known to seek help from humans, to warn those who have accidentally offended them, and to return human kindness with favors of their own.


The Unseelie, the court that is home to the Nightmares of the Fae, as well as the Winter and Autumn courts. The Nigh court is ruled by the ruthless queen of the Winter Court, Queen Mab. The Unseelie Court consists of the darkly-inclined fairies. No offense is necessary to bring down their assaults. They appear at night and assault travelers, often carrying them through the air, beating them, and forcing them to commit such acts as shooting at cattle. Most Unseelies can become fond of a particular human if they are viewed as respectful, and would choose to make them something of a pet.


Sentinel's Army was created through happenstance. After the angel Jehoel and the dragon Sentinel worked to save the phoenixes, many stayed by their side. With time, the purpose of the collective turned to a new mission; to preserve peace between the species.

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