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 What Lies Beneath [TW-Cannibalism], Oneshot
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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Deft fingers slipped around the steel-plated knobs, twisting them until water gushed from the spout into the waiting tub. The waif-like girl knelt, bony knees pressing into the tiled floor, twisting the pair of knobs until she was happy with the temperature of the water tumbling into the tub basin, dipping her fingers into the falling water. Seemingly satisfied, she pulled the mechanism that switched the water's flow from the tub to the shower head, water cascading in a softer fall.

Stepping to her feet, the young woman slipped the ruby colored robe she wore from her narrow shoulders, shrugging the robe off, it slipped delicately to the tiled floor in a soft whisper of gliding fabric, to land in a soft silken pile at her feet. Pushing the fallen robe aside with a gentle nudge of her foot, Trista stepped carefully into the tub, slipping under the fall of water, pulling the curtain closed behind her. The water was hot as it slid over her naked skin, as close to scalding as Trista would permit herself. The piping hot water beat against her skin, flesh mottling slightly from the temperature.

She stood under the cascading fall of hot water, skin turning red with the heat. Under the fall, she didn't move. The girl willing the water to do more than wash away the dirt and pollutants from her body, but the sins that scarred her instead. She couldn't shake the feeling of guilt that clung to her like a second skin. As the water beat against her flesh, she was pulled by a memory.

Another shower, but cluttered with too many belongings, overflowing with bottles and other assorted accouterments. A division of items, half belonging to herself, neat and organized, like ducks in a row. The other half, a jumbled mess, with no sense of order. The wall was different, decorated with rose tiles faded around the edges from years of deep cleaning. The water swirling around her ankles was a murky scarlet. She swallowed the acrid taste threatening to spew from her lips. She sobbed a hiccup, her sister's blood staining her mouth, dripping as the water spattered against her skin.


She was sitting on the couch, images flashing noiselessly on the screen as they flitted by, nestled into the plush cushions beside her sister in the wake of her tragic camping trip that had forever transformed her. Her friends were dead. She'd sacrificed everything to survive, and it had only turned her into something else entirely.

A pit in her stomach grew as the images flashed by. With each moment that past, a gnawing hunger began to build. Her stomach churned with hunger, painful as her control slipped as she only became more and more ravenous. She closed her eyes, pushing the feeling away as she willed her hunger to subside. It was to no avail.

It built until she found she could fight it no longer. The pit grew into madness, hunger blinding her as she twisted and flipped onto her smaller, younger sister, barely able to register horror before Trista attacked with gnashing teeth, tearing at her sister's throat. The flesh gave easily under her tearing teeth, her scream cut short as Trista bit down, consumed by her hunger.

There was nothing of Trista left. Nothing existed beyond the hunger, a singular force propelling her every movement, jaw working with inhuman strength and power. Ravenous, she feasted on the meat of her younger sister without any regard to the fragile life in her hands, animalistic as she tore and chewed with abandon. As the taste of tender meat and copper danced over her tongue, the animal that was Trista continued her violent feast, her sister's life extinguishing in pain and horror.

Finally the wendigo's hunger slowly abated as her stomach filled with the meat she consumed, the fog of madness lifting as she sated the otherworldly hunger, blind to her actions. Wide scarlet eyes faded, vermilion tendrils slipping away to reveal their innocent human cerulean once more, dazed and glassy as she recovered from the exhaustion of the shift to full human again. She collapsed against the cushions, sinking into their comfortable depths.

It was then she felt the warm sticky pool she sat in, soaking into her clothes and staining her skin. The realization of the sensation helped shake some of the fog from her head, and her eyes drifted to the pool.

And the torn broken thing collapsed in the middle of the crimson puddle.

Her cerulean eyes widened, trying to make sense of the thing in the puddle of blood, before realization crashed over her, followed by a wave of nausea, an acrid taste building before she could swallow it back down.

Her sister's eyes stared, wide with horror, one of the only things devoid of smeared crimson. Just like the night in the woods. Flashes of her dead friend's face staring at her with the same haunting look frozen in fear on her face. Mirrored a second time in the visage of her only sister. Another death on her hands, blood staining them again, and there was no turning back.

Shock sunk into the depths of her bones, all emotion seeping from the horror struck waif of a girl as she stared unmoving at the bloodied body of her younger sister. Frozen, she couldn't breathe as she stared mouth open in horror at what she had done, eyes barely making sense of the body on the floor. The thunderbolt of shock glued her where she was as she swallowed the bitter acrid taste rising at the back of her throat. Shock collided with growing panic and guilt, her thin body rising from the couch, thick with blood, as action uncharacteristically moved her.

Her parents couldn't find her sister's body like....that. The tragedy in the woods had already fractured the once impenetrable family. This would destroy it entirely. After all she'd done, she couldn't do that to them.

Half-frozen, she stumbled to her feet like a zombie, determined to hide what she could, and spare her parents the horror of finding her sister in such a horrific state, knowing full well neither would be able to recover from such a discovery. Better to let them cling to desperate hope.

Somehow despite the daze that clung to her, she rolled her sister's remains into the blood-soaked rug, dragging the lifeless body of her once vibrant sister slowly over the pebbles of her driveway, until she made it to the waiting car. With considerable effort, she lifted the rug covered remains into the boot of the car, before closing the lid on the monstrous sight nestled in the trunk.

Limp, she returned to the house, shoving only a handful of items into a small bag, ready to abandon everything, when she caught a glimpse of herself in a hallway mirror, covered in blood.

She looked every part the monster she was.

Shuffling towards the bathroom, habit alone propelled her through the actions of disrobing and twisting the dial for the shower, water gushing forth. Hiccuping a sob, she stepped beneath the cascade, willing water to wash her away into oblivion as the memory of her dead sister stared up at her.


Her sister's dead body, shredded by her teeth, was seared into her mind. The feeling of the blistering water swirling with the image of her sister's lifeless eyes as they stared unblinking back at her.

At the ugly memory dancing before her, the thin girl collapsed in the shower, falling to the floor of the tub. She scrambled, pushing herself back against the curve of the tub, pulling her knees to her chest as she hiccupped another sob, the floodgates brimming and overflowing.

Nothing could ever change what she'd done, her sobs echoing, rising above the sound of cascading water. Nothing could change what she was.

A monster.

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