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 DREAMER IN A COURT OF NIGHTMARES, Wraith's Babs! [2 currently]
Pronouns: she/her/hers
winter crown princess

angelic hoodlums and holy ones

357 - unseelie sidhe - crown princess

iridessa dalgaard

Crown Princess of the Winter Court, Iridessa is, currently, a prisoner to her own aunt, Queen Mab. Having always been a bit of an outcast because her own, idealistic views clashed with those of the prejudiced, elitist Winter Court, she constantly pulled against her bindings as a youth. Her form of escape was found amongst the Seelie Sidhe, in dark corners that even the most curious eyes could not spot her in. It was a freedom, if a small one, and her own form of rebellion-- and that rebellion led to a situation which demanded she run from the Winter Court for good.

Pregnant with the child of a Seelie Prince, Iridessa knew that there was no possible way that her aunt would suffer the existence of a child that was half Seelie, half Unseelie. Unable to hand her unborn baby over to fate so easily, she fled. The princess and heir apparent managed to dodge her aunt's pursuit for seven years, weaving in and out of the Fae world and the mortal world in determination to never place her daughter in danger.

But then, a wrong step led to her capture, and she's been locked in the dungeons since then, the truth of her flight and subsequent capture hidden from all save her aunt's inner circle-- even Iridessa's own friends, who had helped her in her flight, have yet to learn the full truth of her capture. Mab has taken her daughter, Rhiannon, from her, and as a result, Iridessa has begun plotting. Before, she had simply wanted to escape the Winter Court and her aunt.

Now, she wants her daughter back-- and she wants to rip the Winter Court from her aunt's hands. She wants revenge.

Though born Unseelie, within the Winter Court, during the Winter Solstice, no less, Iridessa is not just ice-- she is fire. She is contradictions and passion paired with frigid rage so cold it can sear the flesh from your bones. She is a spark in darkness, sass and confidence sharp as a blade. Never one to shy away from opposing the greater populace's idea of right, the woman is known to be outspoken and brash, with blizzards in her gaze and wildfires under her words.

Her aunt might have been free of her rebellion becoming anything more than frivolous actions stolen in quiet moments, if she had just let her go-- but Mab chose not to, and in capturing Iridessa and ripping Rhiannon from her arms, she's made herself an enemy. Iridessa may be young, but she is a prodigy, trained from birth by people hand-picked by Mab to ensure she was worthy of inheriting the throne one day. In Iridessa's mind, now, all Mab did was craft her own destruction-- because not only does she have those centuries of training now. No, she also has the unmatched viciousness of a mother whose child has been stolen away.

1537 - spellcaster - high enchantress

morgana le fay

Morgana le Fay is a woman out of legends. Before you ask, yes-- she helped Arthur Pendragon become king. The stories are a bit twisted, now. The truth? Arthur was the bastard son of a king killed on the throne, and he, as a young orphan, was taken in by Morgana's mother and father, spellcasters known as Nimue and Auctor le Fay. Nimue is properly remembered in some aspects, as a caretaker of Arthur and the one who gave him a magicked sword. She was the original 'Lady of the Lake', though not the one who seduced Merlin-- no, that would be Morgana, who, as she flourished into a woman, was the spitting image of her mother.

She was the one who seduced Merlin, so to speak. Moreso the two of them fell in love hard and fast, so much so that anyone who saw how Merlin treated her thought her to have cast some sort of spell on him.

Auctor is remembered, in lesser circles, as Arthur's foster father. That much is also true. And Morgana and Merlin had heavy hands in him retaking his throne, helping him to lead his people in revolt to retake Camelot as his own. But unlike Arthur and his knights, Morgana and her family were not human-- they were spellcasters. Merlin, a member of the Seelie sidhe. She and Merlin were the only ones who lived more than two decades past Arthur's eventual death.

Morgana still has the enchanted blade her father and mother forged to give to Arthur, unwilling to trust the humans in their greed to let it properly rest with him. And though history has twisted her into many things- lover, villain, friend, sister- she knows where she stands, and knows who she is. Furthermore, amongst the spellcasters, she is a legend in her own right.

Morgana le Fay is the most powerful necromancer in recorded history, and holds the title of High Enchantress of the Spellcaster High Council. She, along with her council, polices the spellcaster community and ensures that they stay safe from both humans and other supernatural creatures. Sharply intelligent, fierce, charismatic, and possibly one of the strongest leaders the spellcasters have ever seen, she rules them justly and fairly-- but without remorse for those who cross her or break her laws.

She knows a great many things, including quite a lot of Fae magic that she really shouldn't know, but there are also things she doesn't know. Pieces of her memories, whole chunks that were taken from her by the man she's been in love with since she was young: Merlin. Because she found herself pregnant with his child, and she hid it from him. His revenge was to take their child and make her forget the girl had ever existed.

Rowan Carling is her daughter, and though she has no idea, her own mind is so very sharp that it's slowly been carving away at the magic used against her. She's plagued by nightmares that she can't understand and images that she can't make any sense of. And Merlin can't undo what he did, because his own memories were taken by Queen Titania, as was their daughter.

Those who know Morgana know her as a passionate woman driven by an equal balance of her emotions and her intellect, and one that nobody should trifle with. There's good reason she's the veritable leader of all spellcasters, after all. She has many friends and many enemies, and she's certainly made her mark on the world-- but this is only the beginning. Merlin taking their child was one thing, and that, alone, will infuriate her, but to find out that poor Rowan was raised with neither parent at her side by the decree of the Seelie Queen?

Well, that's like comparing a rainstorm to a level five hurricane. And when the truth comes to light, the woman will show just how well she can be the monster some legends have made her out to be.

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This is a gift it comes with a price Who is the lamb and who is the knife Midas is king and he holds me so tight And turns me to gold in the sunlight.
Pronouns: She/Hers
Ret. Assassin + Bartender
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I will also make my reply pretty when I'm not being lazy. As I told you already, I'm gonna toss Nasrin at Des. I'm thinking in a past thread, before the ley lines started leaking, and before she took off from the Winter court. She'd be visiting the captured crown princess in the dungeon, part curiosity as an enslaved djinn, and part toy of Aster's, forced to do his bidding.
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