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 Dove, Killian T. [TW: Suicide], 32 | Other (Cambion) | Bradley James
The descent into Hell is easy...
Pronouns: He/His
Strike Team Soldier
PM Email


Name: Killian Tarea Dove


Age: 32


Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Species: Cambion



Occupation: Sentinel Soldier

Rank: 3rd tier demon

Powers: N/a


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Myers Briggs: ENTJ


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic

Relationship Status: Single

Significant Other(s): None


  • Father- Hapless Hopeless Human
  • Mother- Psycho Demon Bitch
  • Siblings- Cahira Dove (twin sister)

“We came into the world like sister and brother; And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another.”

I am Forsaken.

I am my Mother's son.

A demon who walked the earth in the guise of a beautiful woman, easily seducing a human man. My father fooled by the beauty of the woman was blind to the monster under the surface. A good Catholic, the last thing he expected was a demon to seduce him, too rational to believe in the truth in his religion, the demons hiding in plain view. I couldn't tell you why she picked him, only that she did. But he was just a man in love. Oblivious to the evil in front of him.

Nine months later, I was born the elder of fraternal twins, my sister Cahira following me into the world in a fit of screams to fill the hollow echo of my silent arrival.

Even from our earliest arrival, our small bodies bespoke our differences; the calculating look in my eyes was mirrored by the mischievous gleam in my sister's own.

Whatever she was, whatever plans churned in the darkness of her mind, no clues preceded my mother before she disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared in my father's life. To my sister and I, she was nothing but a fleeting memory, a perfume on the air, a voice whispering a lullaby.

“...So we grew together Like to a double cherry, seeming parted, But yet an union in partition, Two lovely berries moulded on one stem....”

I knew nothing of my origins, of course. Utterly unaware of the blood my sister and I shared with my mother. Or what it meant. What I was.

All things evil begin in innocence.

Together, my sister and I grew in blissful ignorance under the watchful and loving eye of my father. He was the only family we knew, but we didn't need anything outside of the three of ourselves. It was a simple life, punctuated by happiness and unabashed love.

My sister and I knew nothing of the darkness coursing through our veins, ignorant of the magical world that lived parallel to our own, or the very real Hell our mother called home. Our magic lay seemingly dormant, waiting for opportune moments to strike. Little things at first. Insignificant. Or so it seemed. Insidious as the darkness within began to blossom. We were barely more than infants. Unexplained things my father foolishly tried to explain away to himself or the host of nannies that refused to stay long. The lights that always flickered, more so with the unpredictable nature of his children's emotions. As we grew, growing like blonde weeds, we repeated our father's words to him, verbatim, despite him never having spoken them aloud to a living soul. Other kids our age stayed far away from us, and the two of us only became closer despite our differences. Avoiding us as if they somehow knew the secret we didn't know, betraying the evil in our blood.

The older we got, the more I could see our father looking at us with poorly veiled terror, fear lining his eyes beyond his age. The fine tremble in his hands as he passed the food during a shared meal. The questions in his eyes. And the madness growing at the back of his mind.

A prelude to the crumbling life I called my own, my mother eventually returned to collect her children. Her rightful heirs. Children of Hell.

“We are embers from the same fire, we are dust from the same stars”

We stood hand in hand, clutching each other, as our mother spoke a few archaic words. Magic took hold of our father, severing the ties of his paternal bond, sending him into the street to await oncoming traffic, powerless to our mother's demonic spell. Uneasy at what I had seen my sister and myself capable of, I was paralyzed in terror as I witnessed what my mother could do.

It was bloody. And forever etched into our young minds.

She stepped towards us, whispering echoes of the promises she'd whispered in our infancy. The lies she seduced with. Her poisoned words worked into our unprotected minds with ease, cursed by blood we were easy victims. We stepped towards her in unison, her arms open and waiting.

In a sudden flurry, we were swept into a car that screeched to a momentary halt, before squealing away with us tucked roughly inside. Those inside had less concern for our safety than preserving the illusion of our non-existence and controlling the magical spectacle that was our mother.

Baptized in our father's blood, clasping hands in the back of a swiftly moving car, we learned what we were.

Monsters with purpose.

“Nature, in her indifference, makes no distinction between good and evil”

The pair of us raised among the soldiers of Sentinel's Army, its ranks ranging far beyond the phoenixes of its origins. It had grown in number, as the dragon and angel who led the creatures in their purpose added members to the cause. By the time we found ourselves among their numbers, they had headquarters all over the world, focused in magical centers where the supernatural coalesced.

A lifetime of training was what awaited us, prepared to meet danger around any corner. Ceaseless, we trained beyond exhaustion, until our bodies ached with the memory of practiced movements, bones broken, blood, sweat, and tears marking our dedication to the cause.

We were both quick studies. Both powerful cambions, our demon blood only strengthened us. Cahira's strength lay as a telepath. My own in my abilities to hide and track making me ideal for the strike team, I could teleport without a second thought, and my weapons training had turned me into a skilled killer.

Molded by Sentinel's Army, I became one of its soldiers, ready for battle to keep the species from destroying one another. To keep the world as we knew it from extinguishing like a light.

We became warriors they wanted us to be. Weapons made for war.

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

I thought hunting monsters would make it easier. But somehow what I am is catching up with me. A dark voice at the back of my head. Making me question everything I know. Everything I thought I knew.

My sister is the only thing I can trust.

Cahira doesn't seem bothered, at home with what she is. None within the ranks seem to notice the changes within me. But who knows how long that will last.

I can't help but wonder when the hammer will drop. The cloud of darkness hangs lower and consumes more of me than ever before. And I can no longer fight my nature. The demon within only growing stronger. I can't hide from the sins in my blood.

I fear my mother's plan has yet to come to fruition, and that I can't escape it, my demon wholly apart of me.

Hope is torn.

I have nowhere to run.

I will stand and fight, I will keep marching on until I can no longer stand, this is war. Blood and magic will draw the battle lines in the dust.

Face Claim: Bradley James

Alias: Teal

Age: 28

Timezone: PST

Contact: AIM/Skype/Discord/PM

Mature Themes: Bring em'

Other Characters: Abaddon, Izrael, Ophelie Delcour, Pandora Young, Rowan Carling, and Zenith Drayceroy

Pronouns: he/him/his
resident dino
slytherin house
the gay

accepted welcome to MY SOUL TO KEEP
Teal, darling, this is absolutely delectable. What a fascinating, admittedly delicious morsel young Killian is! And I can't wait to see what shenanigans lie in his and his sister's futures!! Will he turn on them and thus her? Will their mom cause more drama as if that's a question? The possibilities are endless. Fabulous job. <3 <3

Congratulations! Welcome to the site! Your character has been approved by our staff. We're excited to see you join our community and we hope you're as excited to join us! Please take the time to complete all your necessary claims and miniprofile information. The two mandatory claims are the Face Claimand the Member's Directory, so please make sure those get done first! Welcome to My Soul to Keep and we hope you enjoy the site!

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