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Portland, OR
No doubt you have been able to sense it. Maybe you don't quite know why you're here, but there's something different about this city. An ancient art is returning to this modern world: magic. Embrace it or reject it - the choice is yours.
Welcome to My Soul to Keep.
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Here is where you can find all information regarding the site! Help Queue with time line and frequently asked questions? Necessary reads including site rules, plot, membergroup information, and site canons? Bulletin board with updates and other useful postings? We've got it all! If you have any questions, please post them in the FAQ.
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This is where all important updates and announcements will be posted, so check here frequently.
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Looking to make a character with some background in this world but don't want a canon? You can find more information about some pre-established families in this board, and even contribute your own if you so wish! Just use the form to submit it.
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Ready to make a character? You can find all the information that you need right here. Please read the application guide before beginning your application. When you're done, post your app under the correct subboard and let an admin (Teal, Rex or Neo) know once it's ready to be accepted!
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Once your character has been accepted, be sure to complete the related claims before you start roleplaying.
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All accepted applications can be found here, sorted into subboards based on membergroup.
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Have too many threads and you need some way to keep track of them all? Make a thread in this board.
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Looking for someone to play a character for a particular plot you have? Post your wanted ad here under the correct subboard. Ads are sorted by gender and we also have a special subboard for group requests.
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Messaging, phone calls, and other miscellaneous threads that involve a form of technology go here.
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Downtown Portland lies in the Southwest section between the I-405 freeway loop and the Willamette River, centered on Pioneer Courthouse Square ("Portland's living room"). Downtown and many other parts of inner Portland have compact square blocks (200 ft [60 m] on a side) and narrow streets (64 ft [20 m] wide), a pedestrian-friendly combination.

Many of Portland's recreational, cultural, educational, governmental, business, and retail resources are concentrated downtown.
» last post in A Hound's Bite by ARTYOM M. ORLOV (Apr 22 2017, 07:21 AM)
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North Portland is a diverse mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It includes the Portland International Raceway, the University of Portland, and massive cargo facilities of the Port of Portland. Slang-names for it include "NoPo" (classist pun, shortened from North Portland) and "the Fifth Quadrant".
» last post in Into the darkness by SKYLA G. EVERHART (Apr 22 2017, 08:55 AM)
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Northeast Portland contains a diverse collection of neighborhoods. For example, while Irvington and the Alameda Ridge feature some of the oldest and most expensive homes in Portland, nearby King is a more working-class neighborhood. Inner Northeast includes several shopping areas, such as the Lloyd District, Alberta Arts District (Portland, Oregon) and Hollywood, and part of the affluent Irvington, Alameda, Grant Park and Laurelhurst neighborhoods and nearby developments. The city plan targets Lloyd District as another mixed-use area, with high-density residential development. Straddling the base of the borders of North and Northeast is the Rose Quarter. It is named after the Rose Garden, home of the Portland Trail Blazers (now named the Moda Center), and also includes the Blazers' former home, the Memorial Coliseum. The Coliseum is the home to Portland's hockey team, the Portland Winter Hawks, of the Western Hockey League. At the base of Northeast where its border meets Southeast, an area near the Burnside Bridge has been redeveloped into a bustling nightlife and entertainment district. The area features bars like The Chesterfield and music venues like The Doug Fir Lounge.
» last post in this place is mine by MALPHAS (Yesterday at 02:04 pm)
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Northwest Portland includes the Pearl District, most of Old Town Chinatown, the Northwest District, and various residential and industrial neighborhoods. The Pearl District is a recent name for a former warehouse and industrial area just north of downtown. Many of the warehouses have been converted into lofts, and new multistory condominiums have also been developed on previously vacant land. The increasing density has attracted a mix of restaurants, brewpubs, shops, and art galleries. West of the developed areas is the northern portion of Portland's West Hills, including the majority of extensive Forest Park and the Willamette Heights, Hillside, Sylvan, Skyline and Forest Heights neighborhoods.
» last post in Nostalgia's for Geeks by SAMIYA G. KARTAL (Mar 18 2017, 10:32 PM)
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Southeast Portland stretches from the warehouses along the Willamette through historic Ladd's Addition to the Hawthorne and Belmont districts out to Gresham. Southeast Portland has blue-collar roots and has evolved to encompass a wide mix of backgrounds. The Hawthorne district in particular is known for its hippie/radical crowd and small subculturally oriented shops; not far away is Reed College, whose campus expands from Woodstock Boulevard to Steele Street, and from the 28th to the 39th Avenues.
» last post in Illuminate by EILIONOIR M. FAIRBAIRN (Apr 20 2017, 01:49 PM)
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Beyond downtown, the Southwest section also includes the campuses of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Lewis & Clark College, and Portland Community College/Sylvania. Neighborhoods like South Portland (formerly Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill), South Burlingame, Hillsdale, and Multnomah, with unique residential houses and well defined commercial and retail districts. Washington Park, site of North America's deepest transit station, the Oregon Zoo, Hoyt Arboretum, the International Rose Test Garden, the Portland Japanese Garden, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and many hiking trails. The south Willamette riverfront along SW Macadam Ave., of former industrial land.

» last post in just my imagination by SKYLA G. EVERHART (Apr 22 2017, 11:30 PM)
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Other areas outside of Portland including Gresham, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, etc. Local areas outside of the city limits of Portland, Oregon.
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Any where else in Oregon.
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Outside of Oregon, elsewhere in the United States.
» last post in Blood of the Covenant by RAZIEL (Yesterday at 12:39 pm)
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Outside the United States exist the whole wide world, anywhere in the human realm.
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» last post in Beast of a Burden by ROWAN M. CARLING (Mar 13 2017, 01:11 PM)
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Drown in your dreams. Or nightmares.
» last post in it's a date by ARJAN B. MEHTA (Yesterday at 01:15 pm)
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Time is fluid and can be bent on occasion. Threads that occur in the past or future take place here.
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The realm of the Fae, Faerie is accessed through the mounds located in Forest Park. It is home to both the Seelie and Unseelie courts and other fae.
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The Realm of Heaven, created by God. Only Angels have access to it, Fallen cast out in their Great Fall.
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The Realm of Hell, molded to demonic perfection by Lucifer himself after his Fall from Heaven. Since then it's been home to the demons, hellhounds and even some Fallen.
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The ley lines that are leaking magic? This is where they are, in a realm that exists parallel to the mortal one and this in-between is drowning in magic, leaking into the mortal world. It is accessible to witches and demons, who travel there to tap into the well of power in the ley lines. Now, raw power is flooding outwards, there for the taking.
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This is the place to come introduce yourself to everyone. Going away and need to notify us? Post a hiatus thread here as well!
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Got some graphic skills you want to show off? Start up a gallery here and show off your work! People can also request for graphics to be made here too!
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Places to request codes, should people be willing to accept such request, and manage the codes you're using on site.
» last post in Lynx's dummy crash by TERRANCE D. MCKERRY (Apr 20 2017, 10:59 AM)
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Places to request codes, should people be willing to accept such request, and manage the codes you're using on site.
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If you would like to advertise your site on My Soul to Keep, you are in the right place! Please place your advertisement under the correct subboard, and if you would like to become affiliates with us, please check out this thread.
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